Residential Internet

Our wireless networks provide users with a superior Internet experience and full mobility anywhere on the property

Extreme Value – Superior Internet service and customer support with a low monthly cost.

High Reliability – Redundant network design provides users with a very reliable Internet connection.

Very Fast Connection - Speeds up to 100Mb upload/download – 4 to 6 times faster than Cable and 25 times faster than DSL.

It's very easy to subscribe:

When you are in the building, scan for wireless Wi-Fi networks. Select the wireless network SSID called "GoNational"?. Open your Internet browser. In your browser, enter any Web site, such as in the address line. You'll automatically be redirected to our Welcome page. Subscribe on-line via the Welcome Page with a valid credit card. Your purchase is made via SSL, so it is secure and protected.

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National Broadband offers everything from just dial tone to full pbx features for residential customers.

Reduce your monthly phone bill by up to 50%!

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RESIDENTIAL 24/7 Support

We value your business and provide 24/7 customer support to help you stay in contact!