Enhance Your Property

No Installation Costs
A complete Internet network available throughout your property including public and private spaces.

Enhanced Amenity
Reliable and very fast Internet access is in great demand by residents, visitors, and owners.

Generate Passive Income
National Broadband pays you for every paying customer in your building!

Completely Hands Off
Our 24/7 Technical support and billing department provide end to end assistance. Landlords will not have to invest time or resources into the program.

Residents Get More Value and Pay Less
Residents receive a better high-speed Internet connection, better customer support, and more services – all for much lower prices than Cable, DSL or FIOS.

Wherever you have a new development or existing property

we offer complete high-speed wireless Internet coverage at no cost to the property. There are numerous benefits of having a wireless Internet network in the property (aside from the obvious increase in amenities offered)


Give us a call and National Broadband will schedule an audit to determine your properties eligibility.